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March 29, 2017

Defining the Mindset leads to High Performance

People that succeed in achieving their goals have a common trait. When faced with the opportunity to take the easy option for short term gain, or the effortful option to achieve longer term goals, they take the effortful option.

As Carol Dweck identified in her research, people with a growth mindset are prepared to put in effort to learn, adapt and progress irrespective of the outcome. Conversely people with a fixed mindset are only prepared to put in effort if they think they will succeed; the moment they believe they can no longer succeed they will give up.

Research into mindsets and decision making by Carly Barry and Kameko Halfmann, published in 2016, identified that mindsets directly influence the decisions we make. They identified people with concrete mindsets (like fixed mindsets) are highly likely to make short term self gratifying decisions while those with abstract mindsets (like growth mindsets) will make decisions that delay self gratification in order to achieve long term goals.

Additionally they identified that people with and concrete mindsets are not likely to accept new information and make perceived risky decisions, where as people with abstract mindsets will.

The proven path to success requires a commitment to performance, motivation to grow and continually improve, and the ability to adapt to meet changing demands. This happens when people to hold growth mindsets.

Defining the mindset/s of individuals and the organisation is a critical path to fostering growth and success.

NB: 10k Consulting can assist you to implement a people analytics platform that will define mindsets and provide critical data for individuals, teams and leaders to hold growth mindsets.

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November 10, 2016

Trump is a metaphor for a lack of control and acceptance – where is the wisdom in this result to be found?

man drawing business strategyThe political events of the last week have brought the topic of decision making to the forefront.  Many people are focused on the win / lose elements of the decision that has been made. Unfortunately there continues to be very public discourse on the failings of others to make “wise decisions”.

I fail to see the wisdom in using insults as a means of influencing the constituency to join the crowd. The use of gender, race, ethnic etc stereotypes are wrong. There is no place for them in wise decision making, and as such should be dissuaded from use by leaders of all groups rather than utilised by them from some distorted moral high ground that somehow now justifies the behaviour.

The public and social leadership examples displayed over the last couple of days through social and conventional media have been no better than the person they seek to demonise. Fighting fire with fire may make us all feel good. Getting people just like ourselves to say you are right only feeds the established group, reinforcing belief without expanding understanding of alternatives. My way or the Highway is one way of describing it.

Insults no matter who they come from and for whatever reason alienate rather than bring together, polarise thought rather than create dialogue, erode trust rather than strengthen relationships, perpetuate stereotypes rather than foster acceptance of diversity.

Its about maintaining a sense of control

What is being missed by the main stream conversation is the deeper issue that exists for communities of all descriptions. People need to have a sense of control and an ability to make decisions in their lives to feel motivated and engaged.

Charles Duhigg notes in his book Faster, Smarter, Better – the secrets of being productive in life and business,   “The first step in creating drive is giving people opportunities to make choices that provide them with a sense of autonomy and self-determination. Motivation is triggered by making choices that demonstrate to ourselves that we are in control. It’s the feeling of self-determination that gets us going”.

This statement is being played out locally and globally. We hearing more  and more that people are feeling disenfranchised from their friends, the workplace, the community, the politicians, and the list goes on. Conversely there are many stories about communities that are thriving amongst the weeds of disenchantment. The main difference here is the thriving groups are utilising their diverse strengths and are maintaining a sense of the control over their choices.

Centralise systems fail to meet local needs and create ambivalence

Centralised systems of the work (better known a bureaucracy) which tend to employ many people, but restrict decision making to the very few senior people create disengagement. Political systems that do not respond to local needs and force the representatives (ie MP’s) to tow the party line stop listening and create disenchantment. They create a message of “Trust Us” but then fail to deliver. The lack of control and choice created by these systems create ambivalence, disenchantment and agitation. Ironically not only do they demotivate and annoy people, they also deskill us.

By taking decisions away from people, they lose the opportunity to take risks; They lose the opportunity to be responsible; They lose the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.

The wisdom in the decision to elect Trump as President, or more locally elect fringe parties such as the Greens, One Nation etc is to understand the loss of the control and motivation to thrive that people are feeling.  Our ideological bias (whatever they are) blinds our ability to value the diversity that enriches our decision making and communities.  The wisdom is to make a decision ourselves not to insult from the moral high ground but to climb down that mountain and spend time understanding how enabling people to make a choice and have control of their lives can change our world.

Simon Sinek in his book “Leaders Eat Last” sums it up.

  • Leadership is not a rank
  • Leadership is not a position
  • Leadership is a decision

It is a decision to willingly sacrifice your goals to ensure others can feel safe and prosper.

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June 22, 2016

Whitepaper – Decision Driven Performance – Creating Neuro Alignment

10k Consulting believes all performance can be improved by making wise decisions. The decisions we make determine the actions we take and the cultures we support. This year 10k Consulting has survyed clients and it’s broader network exploring how decision making impacts on individual and business performance.

The collective wisdom indicates that highly motivated individuals are harder workers and more likely to achieve their goals at work and in life. Additionally, to sustain high levels of motivation individuals need to feel in control of their situation. Resarchers have found one of the most effective means of doing this is to create a sense of autonomy and self determination. In practical terms this is best acheived when people have choice. They have the opportunity to make decisions!

10K Consulting’s most recent research indicates that team members and frontline managers are able to make very few decisions. Survey respondents indicate that more than 70% of decisions are made by managers two or more levels away from the frontline. The impact of this is that more than 60% of employees believe decision making practices in their organisation are negatively impacting their levels of motivation.

There is a growing body of research confirming that current KPI and performance review processes utilised by many organisations deliver limited value in relation to motivating individuals to perform.

What is clear from internationally renowned researchers in the fields of neuroscience, motivation, and trust; and 10K Consulting’s work on decision making, is that the current performance systems driven by KPI’s, reviews and rewards often fail to support employees to take responsibility for their goal setting, decision making and levels of motivation.

This paper provides HR and Operational Leaders with an understanding of how decisions impact on motivation and business performance, and what is required to build a dual system approach that lifts motivation and improves workforce performance at the same time.

Click here for the Whitepaper

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